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Gold Listing €660 (ex VAT)

€55 per Month (ex VAT)* with 12 month Standing order

The Gold Listing is our most high profile and exclusive method of listing your business/organisation on Enjoy Malahide. There are only 7 available spots on the whole site (for example see the 7 logos below the main navigation on this page), and each spot consists of 4 features that your business/organisation secures when advertising with the Gold Listing on Enjoy Malahide:

1. Exclusive Top Spot

Your business/organisation logo/image is 1 of 7 exclusive business listings presented on over 80 pages throughout the site:

  • The Home Page
  • All About Malahide Section
  • Beach Section
  • Castle Section
  • Marina Section
  • Register/Advertise with us Section
  • Events Section
  • Gallery Section
  • Things to do in Malahide Section

2. Banner Ad

Your business/organisation gets an exclusive Banner Ad in the high profile rotating banner section located on the right-hand side of every page in the site. This Banner Ad is 1 of 7 that rotates continually and contains an image of your business, plus information about the business: address/contact information, website, opening times, etc, and is visible on every page.

3. Individual Business Listing Page

Your business/organisation gets an Individual Business Listing Page. This page contains images of your business, plus information about the business: services, address/contact information, website, map, opening times, with a PDF option available for menus or product listings. This page also includes approx. 3 paragraphs of text about your business. This page will be linked from your Individual Business Listing, see feature 4.


4. Individual Business Listing

Your business/organisation gets an Individual Business listing within your business category section. For example, if you are a cafe, your listing will be in the cafe part of the eating section. This will link to your Individual Business Listing Page, see feature 2.

Contact Enjoy Malahide Today

If you are interested in our Gold Listing we offer very competitive premium advertising rates at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods, email getlisted@enjoymalahide.com to find out more.

*minimum contract: 12 months paid in advance

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