MAlahide Beach

Malahide Beach

The Irish Sea has played a major role in the development of tourism in the Malahide. The extensive Velvet Strand stretches to the horizon and is extremely popular with bathers, walkers and water sports enthusiasts.

Malahide has a 2km beach, which following an attractive coastal walk leads into the neighbouring Portmarnock beach. It has easy access with good bus and train services from Dublin City. There is also car parking available. This beach is lifeguarded during the summer months and has facilities for the disabled.

If you're lucky enough (go on a weekday, or evening) you might even get the entire beach Malahide to yourself. There's nothing more enthralling than being alone with a vast expanse of beach in front of you, and being free to skip, dance, sing or scream.

Malahide Beach is also good for a sit down. It offers a lovely vista out to Lambay Island, Howth and Ireland's Eye (depending on how far you walk, that is). Also, take a look on the ground there are some lovely shells to be found if you look hard enough.

Walking from the village along the beach you’ll come to the wide velvet strand along the Mouth of the Estuary, from here the beach leads to Low Rock, a popular swimming section of the beach. After this the beach gets more rocky as you approach High Rock, for a more challenging swim and eventually if you continue on you will find yourself at Portmarnock beach where the sandy strand opens wide in front of you once more.

From Malahide Beach you can also take the coastal walk on the footpath all the way to Portmarnock (but beware, it's 5km away so is no stroll through the park.) Malahide is definitely one of the picks of Dublin beaches.