Lifeguard Information

All potential visitors to the beach are reminded of the dangers that exist along our coastline during the bathing season.

Malahide Beach is guarded by Lifeguards during the bathing season. In 2010 it is guarded at weekends from the 30th of May to the 31st of August (11.00am to 7.00pm).

Weekday cover may be provided in August 2010, depending on weather and staffing considerations.

The presence of lifeguards on duty is indicated by the flying of the red/yellow flag, so always be sure to take note.

Water Safety

Malahide has one of the most fun and attractive beaches in Ireland, but it is important to stay vigilant and be safe in the water. See the Irish Water Safety website for gudilines on promoting water saftey in Ireland


Lifeguard Malahide Beach

Lifeguard Malahide Beach

Please acknowledge the signage in the area for information on safety and swimming.